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Welcome to Sri Lanka Adventure Trekking! I'm Gamini Jayarathne, My refference number of the National Tourism Board is (Central Province 117)

We organize all kinds of tours in nature, culture and adventure on the principles of Eco and sustainable tourism. We are organizing tours and trails as your interest with many entertainments and opportunities.

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Golden Chain Trek

Start in Kandy and transferred to the trail starting point which is approximately above 1 h driving. In the trek you can see the Kandyan home garden, vegetable plantation, colonial bridges, rice fields, tea plantation and colonial wooden bridges. The attractive of the tour, you can watching birds, panorama views, land cages, original forests, second forests, waterfalls, natural swimming pools, flora and some animals. The tour above 12 km to 18 km treks. This is a light adventure and a nature walk.

Hard Adventure

You will be transferred from Kandy 22 km s on mahiyangana road and then another 18 km s instead by a van where you will be starting the trek through home spice gardens, vegetable fields, rice fields, tea plantation, pigmy forests and plateaus. The trek is approximately about 8 km s on way and its 16 km s in total .At the end of the trail you would be able to swim at a base of a nice waterfall. You are expected to encounter with species such are deer, barking deer, deer monkey and various types of lizards. In this trek you will be climbing from 1200ft to 1860ft on the way back you will be able to do some bird watching. Then you will be transferred back to Kandy at 6.00 pm.

Corbet's Gap

Start in Kandy and transferred to Rangala to start the nature walk above 18 km walk Rangala to Koboneela. You can see tea plantations, original forests, bamboo forests, pigmy forests, cardamom plantation, panorama view, corberts gap view and second forests also. The attractive are you can watch birds, animals, many kinds of bushes and beautiful flowers.


This is the knuckles northern trek tour. The one item is walkan around a village. In this item you can see the tam pita viharaya. Rice fields, vegetable fields also. It's a original hill country village. Second item is the 20 min driving tour. In this you can watch small waterfalls and fields. The next is tea plantation walk and the rivestan speak walk. You can watch the pitawala pathana, pigmy forests, birds and you can swim in the natural swimming pools.


We call this tour amazing waterfall trek which is the 5th highest waterfall ratna alla. Height of the waterfall is 100m. You can see suspension bridges, rice fields, original forests and aliquots. And there have gems. Up and down 8 km s possible at the ratna alla. You can get Sri Lankan foods. Next our item is lake camp in the sorabara. 20 min cano rafting in the boat can be reached to the lake camp. You can fishing and bird watching. Our entertainments are tea hurt, boat tents, lake fish barbeque. Bon fire and many items. In the morning you can see the sunlight with birds singing. Our trek surround more than 1400 hectares art the sorabora.


Wasgamuwa is to be found in the district of Matale. It’s bordered by mahaveli and Amban Rivers. Dimension and intense 36.948 hectares. It was declared a national park in 1984. We do trip as a jeep safari. The wasgamuwa is home to enormous variety of flora and fauna. You can see 150 plants and much kind of animals in 23 species of mammals including elephants and bears 143 birds, 8 amphibians.17 reptiles and 50 butterflies.

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